Excite and Inform Your Audience with Virtual Event Platform

Viroevents is a software-based platform for managing various events. They provide services for company meetings, AGMs, town halls, seminars, award ceremonies, team functions and fairs.

Benefits of Virtual Events

  • Invite people from local to regional to global​

  • Attract people to join without physical travel – keep it safe!​

  • Set up events without the hassle through your computer​

  • Measure the value through pre and post analytics

  • Cost that you can control and manage easily

  • Operate without limits, no various technology dependencies​

For Companies & Businesses

Custom-built events to help you reach any audience you need. Host in-person events or host events for a global industry, or your customers. Attract sponsors and attendees through virtual networking.

Account and Profiles​

You can create your account as a:​ Super Admin – Manages everything​
Member – Gold, Silver, Bronze​
Partner – Premium, Regular​
Visitor – Opportunity to upsell membership​
Advertiser/Sponsor – Gold, Silver, Bronze​
Supplier – Regular, Short term, One-time​

Capture Buyer Intent and Turn Leads into Customers​

Help visitors keep track of the products that resonate most with user-friendly wish lists. Convert this data into instant marketing value by honing in on buyer personas and product demand, and then launch targeted campaigns after the event.

Share Highly Effective Content to Educate and Convert Potential Buyers​

Let your prospects take content with them using an intuitive briefcase tool, which saves collateral to their device for easy reference after the event.

Measure Your Trade Show’s Impact with Event Analytics​

Detailed reports help organizers break down event performance and attendee participation, so they can improve ROI and refine their approach. Reports can also provide insight into which products and services were most popular and most purchased across the event.​

Nurture Prospects and Create a Lasting Impression with Live Chat Tools​

With our group chat function, reps can engage with multiple prospects at a time, answering questions and concerns without the need for repeating.​

Resource Center

Add fun activity for your internal teams or for external event participants by keeping them engage through quick surveys, show of hands style interactive questionnaire.

General Notes

Overall design can be updated to match your brand.​ Ability to host over 1,000 live attendees per session.​ Combination of multiple halls can be used.​ A mix of live QA and pre-recorded interviews, talk shows, presentations and keynotes can be easily managed.​ Live technical support available through out the live event.​

How do we do it at the Viroevents

​ We plan, design & develop the virtual event based on your brief to us. We manage the process through our project management tools to keep track of the progress and keep you informed as we progress.

​ We develop bespoke designs or you can choose from one of the pre built design for the entire event or smaller modules like conference hall, presentation rooms, sponsorship booths, reception and more. ​ Both options are fully aligned with your brand guidelines.

We ensure that everything is per your requirements and get a formal sign-off. We thoroughly test the system and perform demo runs before full launch to make sure no errors occur. Once we are happy, we launch the event exactly as planned on the date and time we agree on.

After launch, we manage and run your event for you that can range from under a day to multiple days.​ We can also hand over the running of the event to your IT team as required and provide support in case there are any unforeseen issues.


Virtual Lobby

Similar to a lobby in a physical event. Virtual Lobby hosts event sponsorship banners, navigation to different halls and an intro video.

Auditorium and Main Stage​

UX driven by business requirements, customized per event or as per client needs​

Exhibition Hall​

Offered as a blank template for adding adverts and sponsor messages​

Booth View

Offered as a blank template for adding adverts and sponsor messages​

Networking Cafe​

Expand your network by one to one chat or a group chat through our networking café​

Help Desk

Expand your network by one to one chat or a group chat through our networking café​

Event reminders and countdowns

Expand your network by one to one chat or a group chat through our networking café​

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